Global Warming | 8 Very Real Apocalyptic Scenarios

8 Very Real Apocalyptic Scenarios

Global Warming
Most scientists agree on global warming. Yes, it’s happening, and it could bring devastating effects, among them, drought, extreme weather, change the distribution of animals and disease across the planet, and submerge coastal areas as the melting of the polar ice caps causes sea levels to rise. This drastic change in the planet's weather and its effect could lead to political turmoil and famine, among others. Though governments have all the data necessary to act, they have thus far been slow and reluctant to implement any meaningful change. Likelihood: The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that there is a 22% chance we will see temperatures rise by 2ºC, which is the threshold beyond which the world will slide into dangerous climate impacts. In other words, a high probability.