Rent a Midget | The Most Bizarre Services for Hire

The Most Bizarre Services for Hire

Rent a Midget
A Montreal-based company hires out midgets for parties, events or as bartenders. Connected Montreal, a Bachelor-VIP service for weekend warriors from out of town, promises to spice up your party with an unforgettable midget as a complement to the other party ideas they offer. The company also offers Topless Beer Pong, $2,000 for a four-girl tournament with midget referee (the players are topless, of course); Jell-O Wrestling, the company will provide 200 lbs of cherry Jello-O and bikini-clad hotties to wrestle the night away; and body sushi at $1,500, which includes the model, a private room and chef, two full courses of the best sushi in town, coffee, tea, dessert and tips. Ah! And the midget is extra!